Tag: Tax Increment Financing

Alliance Backs New Tools For Redevelopment

The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance threw its support recently behind a package of Michigan Senate bills designed to spur redevelopment of some of the most difficult properties and buildings in the state. Senate Bills 1061-1065 would allow certain redevelopment projects – those deemed “transformational”…

Alliance Working Toward Rural Friendly Solutions On DDA Bills

House: Rep. Lee Chatfield’s package passed committee narrowly 6-5 after some positive amendments. Alliance Director of Government Relations Kent Wood had the opportunity to meet with Rep. Chatfield and share a few concerns about the additional reporting requirements impact on small DDAs, and future special…

What is a brownfield, and why is it important

The following was written by Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance partner Amy Clickner, CEO of the Lake Superior Community Partnership in Marquette, and was published in The Mining Journal What is a brownfield?  It’s a term that gets thrown around quite a bit, but for…

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