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Alliance Releases 5 Road Funding Principles

With a flurry of activity, promises, and rumors floating around the road funding debate in Lansing, the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance released 5 principles it would like to see incorporated into the state’s road funding debate. The principles reflect the northern Michigan business community’s… Continue Reading “Alliance Releases 5 Road Funding Principles”

Federal Highway Trust Fund Deadline Looms

Federal authorization for surface transportation programs will expire on May 31, unless Congress acts.  If Congress does not act, the Highway Trust Fund (HTF), which the federal government uses to funnel most transportation money to the states will become insolvent. Congress will almost certainly… Continue Reading “Federal Highway Trust Fund Deadline Looms”

Road Funding Ballot Proposal Language Released

The State of Michigan’s Bureau of Elections released the proposed language for the May 5, 2015 special election ballot proposal: A PROPOSAL TO AMEND THE STATE CONSTITUTION TO INCREASE THE MAXIMUM SALES TAX RATE FROM 6% TO 7%, ELIMINATE SALES AND USE TAXES ON… Continue Reading “Road Funding Ballot Proposal Language Released”

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