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Deadline Approaching for Personal Property Tax Savings

It is time once again to remind local businesses of upcoming deadlines to file for Personal Property Tax exemptions approved by state voters last August. The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance worked diligently to win voter approval of the elimination of the Personal Property Tax…

Snyder: Indiana Will Be Upset If Proposal 1 Passes

“If you really think about it, Proposal 1 is simple,” Governor Rick Snyder urged. “More jobs, stronger government, no new taxes.” The Governor addressed a campaign meeting for Proposal 1 in Lansing on July 15th and urged campaign supporters and employers to reach out…

3 Simple Ways You Can Support PPT Reform

The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance strongly supports a “YES” vote on Proposal 1 on August 5th, the proposal to stabilize local community services and help small businesses create jobs – without raising taxes.Passing Proposal 1 is an opportunity to eliminate the Personal Property Tax…

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