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Alliance Helps Stop Truck Weight Reductions Bill

Yesterday, the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance took action to help halt a proposal that could have been devastating to certain industries that transport goods and services in northern Michigan. Senate Bill 1150 (Sen. Steven Bieda, D-Warren) – which would have required the reduction of…

From MIRS: Long-Awaited Transportation Package Squeaks Through Senate

From MIRS, 11/13/2014, http://www.mirsnews.com After months of indecision, the state Senate today pushed through a bill that would raise the gas tax to a new wholesale level of 15.5 percent by 2018 in the hopes of siphoning more than $1 billion in extra funding…

What Is Next For Minimum Wage Increase In The House?

On Thursday, May 15, the Michigan Senate quickly brought up and passed Senate Bill 934 which would effectively increase the state’s minimum wage to $9.20. The wage increase would phase in over the next four years:   September 2014 – $8.15/ hour January 2015 –…

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