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2014 Virtual Candidate Forum

2014 “VIRTUAL” CANDIDATE FORUM The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance this week updated its 2014 Virtual Candidate Forum that includes candidate questionnaires for these statewide offices to be filled by voters at the Nov. 4 general election: Michigan’s 1st U.S. Congressional Race Michigan’s 4th U.S. Congressional Race… Continue Reading “2014 Virtual Candidate Forum”

Snyder: Indiana Will Be Upset If Proposal 1 Passes

“If you really think about it, Proposal 1 is simple,” Governor Rick Snyder urged. “More jobs, stronger government, no new taxes.” The Governor addressed a campaign meeting for Proposal 1 in Lansing on July 15th and urged campaign supporters and employers to reach out… Continue Reading “Snyder: Indiana Will Be Upset If Proposal 1 Passes”

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