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G.L. Metro Chambers Coalition Urges Federal Road Agreement

As the state of Michigan recently put the finishing touches on it’s road funding plan that would raise $1.2 billion dollars by 2021, members of Congress in Washington, DC, are also in the process of trying to find common ground on their own deal… Continue Reading “G.L. Metro Chambers Coalition Urges Federal Road Agreement”

Northern Michigan General Election Results

Here’s a rundown of some of the key state and local office races in Northern Michigan: GOVERNOR R – Rick Snyder – 51% D – Mark Schauer – 47 % U.S. SENATOR R- Terri Lynn Land – 41% D- Gary Peters – 55% U.S.… Continue Reading “Northern Michigan General Election Results”

2014 Virtual Candidate Forum

2014 “VIRTUAL” CANDIDATE FORUM The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance this week updated its 2014 Virtual Candidate Forum that includes candidate questionnaires for these statewide offices to be filled by voters at the Nov. 4 general election: Michigan’s 1st U.S. Congressional Race Michigan’s 4th U.S. Congressional Race… Continue Reading “2014 Virtual Candidate Forum”

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