Michigan Senate Appropriations committee cuts 1.5 billion

On Thursday the Michigan Senate Appropriations Committee sent a series of bills to the full senate that will cut close to $1.5 billion dollars in the overall state budget.

Here is a break out of what was done this week at the senate committee level:

$735.5 million from K-12 School funding.

$10 million from community colleges.

$213.1 million from state universities.

$400 million from local revenue sharing that assists those communities with police, fire and other services.

$290.2 million from the Community Health budget.

$201.1 million from social programs that are part of the safety net.

$101.1 million from the corrections budget primarily prisons.
These cuts are just over $300 million dollars more then the Governor proposed in his budget back in February.

Governor preparing to discuss education plans

Governor Snyder will release his education reform plan next Wednesday.  Several items expected to be discussed, teacher tenure, benefits and merit pay.  Best practices for school districts, the Governor is expected to discuss consolidation of services and best practices policies.  His over all theme is expected to focus on creating a system that goes from Pre-school to age 20.

Read more about the Governors plan HERE.

Cadillac Chamber Governor’s Breakfast

Governor Snyder spoke to over 700 people Tuesday morning, including several students from area high schools at the Cadillac Chamber Breakfast. The Governor’s main points:  If you think the tax system, budget system and regulatory reform system are working show him how.  He says they are not working and we have to re-invent Michigan by resetting government.

Watch an interview the Governor did this morning on 9 and 10 News.

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