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Alliance Top Priority: MBT Tax Removal Accomplished

One of The Northern Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance’s Top Legislative Priorities, has been accomplished!  Removal of the Michigan Business Tax.  The new tax creates a simple and understandable new 6% Corporate Income Tax.  Both chambers of the legislature passed the Tax Bill yesterday and… Continue Reading “Alliance Top Priority: MBT Tax Removal Accomplished”

Houses Concurs with Senate on Tax Bill

The State House concurred with the Senate and has sent the Tax Bill that removes the Michigan Business Tax.  This agreement now sends the bill to the Governor for his signature. The removal of the MBT creates a new system that is understandable and… Continue Reading “Houses Concurs with Senate on Tax Bill”

Senate Passes Tax Bill

The State Senate has passed its version of the Tax Bill.  Just like the House it freezes the income tax rate at 4.35%, it includes replacing the Michigan Business Tax with a 6 percent corporate income tax, it removes the exemptions on pensions using… Continue Reading “Senate Passes Tax Bill”

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