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Alliance Supports Midwest Governors

The Alliance recently joined forces with numerous chambers across the Midwest and Great Lakes region to support a coordinated reopening of our economy. Nearly 40 organizations supported the following statement: “Businesses throughout the Midwest and Ohio River Valley are anxious to get back to work while maintaining the wellbeing of… Continue Reading “Alliance Supports Midwest Governors”

Alliance Advocates for Northern MI Representation

In northern Michigan, we are aware that there is certainly no one-size-fits-all approach for many policy issues, and COVID-19 recovery efforts are no different. Rural northern Michigan businesses are experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic differently than other areas in our state. Our communities and economies greatly… Continue Reading “Alliance Advocates for Northern MI Representation”

Alliance Advocates for Bars & Restaurants

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission recently announced they wanted feedback from bars and restaurants on how we could support this industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. The commission has also formed a task force to explore the feedback and suggestions. The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance formally submitted feedback… Continue Reading “Alliance Advocates for Bars & Restaurants”

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