State House Approves Budget Bill

On Wednesday the State House passed a budget bill that spends $1.4 billion less than this years budget.  Cuts are spread across all areas of government.

The House did not take up budgets for schools, community colleges and universities, they are expected to debate and vote on the education budgets on Thursday.

The House Budget has several differences from the Senate Budget.  Both the Senate and House will reject each others budgets and send them to Conference Committee to reach an agreement.
News Reports:
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Good News for Air Travel in Northern Michigan

Alliance partner the Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce announced late Wednesday afternoon good news about summer air travel to and from the Cherry Capital Airport.

The region’s voice on air service to and from Cherry Capital Airport was heard and acted upon by Delta Airlines.  See the letter just received from Delta Airlines and see the related press release HERE.

How did they Vote on the Michigan Tax Plan

How did northern Michigan Representatives vote last week on the Tax Plan.

District                                                                  Vote
101            Ray A. Franz                                  Y
102           Phil Potvin                                      Y
103           Bruce R. Rendon                           Y
104           Wayne A. Schmidt                        Y
105           Greg MacMaster                           Y
106           Peter Pettalia                                 Y
107           Frank Foster                                   Y
If you get a chance to see them in the district thank them for voting out the Michigan Business Tax.  The most complicated, unfair tax on businesses in Michigan.  You can also contact the office by clicking HERE.

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