The Busiest Week In Alliance History?

On February 12, 2019, hours before Michigan’s 49th Governor Gretchen Whitmer was set to give her first State of the State address, hearty members of the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance braved a treacherous winter drive to Lansing to host the Governor’s executive office staff for lunch before the big speech.

Around 60 members of Governor Whitmer and Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist’s team took part in the 5th annual Staff Appreciation Luncheon on State of the State day in Lansing hosted by the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance.

2019 luncheon group shot
(From L to R) Stacie Bytwork, Manistee Area Chamber; David Miller, Cadillac Area Chamber; Jackie Krawczak, Alpena Area Chamber; Whitney Waara, Traverse City Area Chamber; Sarah Hagen, Charlevoix Area Chamber; Carla Gribbs, DTE Energy; Carlin Smith, Petoskey Area Chamber; (kneeling) Kent Wood, Director of Government Relations

A big thank you to Carla Gribbs, Rodney Cole, and DTE Energy’s government affairs team for helping us to sponsor and support this annual event.

Whitmer at Tentcraft_media scrum_2019
Governor Gretchen Whitmer address the media after speaking with Grand Traverse business leaders at TentCraft in Traverse City.

For partners of the Chamber Alliance, luncheon is an opportunity to meet or reacquaint with members of the Governor and Lt. Governor’s team. For executive office staff, it’s an opportunity to get a good midday meal on a long, stressful day.

This year’s appreciation luncheon was also a time to talk business. As in planning four events in northern Michigan over the coming week. Stops in Marquette, Manistee, Traverse City, and Alpena.

Whitmer_Marquette_speaking LSCP reception 2019
Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer addresses attendees at the Lake Superior Community Partnership’s legislative reception before the UP 200 race in Marquette.

Each stop for the Governor meant a different series of challenges, details, logistics, and guests for Chamber staff to work through. Alliance partners are committed to giving their members these opportunities – it’s what being part of the Chamber Alliance is about – and delivered four unique opportunities for businesses and the community to be introduced to and personally hear from Governor Whitmer.  

In Marquette, Whitmer was on hand for events surrounding the annual UP 200 dog sled race.

She was a candidate the last time she was up for the races, and this time brought members of her new administration – including Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist and DEQ Director Liesel Clark.

In Manistee, the Governor toured West Shore Community College’s Career & Technical Education programs and the Nursing & Allied Health Unit, and spoke with students participating in those programs.

Whitmer_Manistee_tech tour 2019
Gov. Whitmer tours the Career and Technical Education program at West Shore Community College in Manistee.

At the end of her visit she addressed college faculty, community leaders, and students about the importance of postsecondary education and closing the skills gap.

She spoke about the goal she set in her State of the State address of increasing the number of Michiganders with postsecondary credentials from 44 percent to 60 percent by 2030.


Whitmer_Manistee_West shore_speaking_2019
Gov. Whitmer address Manistee at West Shore Community College.

At her other northern Michigan stops, the Governor spoke about the workforce demands around the state, and her desire to continue momentum in providing the education and skills necessary for Michigan’s labor force, and her desire to work with Republican legislative leaders to realize her campaign promise to “fix the damn roads.”

She told business leaders at TentCraft in Traverse City that they can expect to see her priorities represented, along with how to fund them, when she releases her first budget proposal on March 5.


While in Lansing together for the State of the State address, Alliance partners were able to meet with northern Michigan lawmakers for the first time together in the new session to start talking about ways to work together to advance our region’s business interests. A key part of that was finding common areas of interest with the new Governor and administration.

Senator Ed McBroom (38th District) gives his thoughts on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s State of the State address from the night before at the Alliance’s annual post-address legislative breakfast.

It was a wild week for many associated with the Chamber Alliance. But the week was well worth it. Opportunities like this to be in front of so many state leaders at once and to hear from them and share our solutions for moving regional economies in northern Michigan forward is why the Chamber Alliance was formed, and why we continue to push a collective agenda.

Whitmer_Marquette_w Clickner 2019
(L to R) Amy Clickner, CEO, Lake Superior Community Partnership; Governor Gretchen Whitmer; Mary VanTilburg, LSCP

Thanks again to DTE Energy for sponsoring this year’s annual Executive Staff Appreciation Luncheon


MIRS: House, Senate Seek Supremes Decision On Paid Sick Leave, Minimum Wage

Director’s Note: This is a recent occurrence in the ongoing saga regarding the new Paid Sick Leave Mandate and minimum wage increase for employers in Michigan. The legislature passed new sick leave and minimum wage mandates in September 2018, and then significantly amended them in December 2018 at the request of employers and business organizations around the state, including the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance.

More information on how these initiatives impact employers can be found here.

The following story was published in MIRS News Service, February, 19, 2019

The Michigan House and Senate today introduced resolutions asking the Michigan Supreme Court for its opinion on the Legislature’s action in amending the paid sick leave and minimum wage proposals during lame duck.

House Majority Floor Leader Triston COLE (R-Mancelona) introduced HR 25 in the House. It was referred to the House Government Operations Committee. He said he anticipates the House will vote on the resolution Wednesday.

Sen. Peter MACGREGOR (R-Rockford) introduced SR 16, asking identical questions of the court: Does the constitution allow the Legislature to enact a petition into law and amend it in the same session? Were the minimum wage and sick time laws enacted constitutionally?

Senate Majority Leader Mike SHIRKEY (R-Clarklake) said he expected adoption on SR 16 Wednesday.

“Ultimately, this . . . will end up at the Michigan Supreme Court level and I’m just asking, let’s go directly to Supreme Court and resolve this once and for all,” Cole said.

He said going directly would avoid political gamesmanship and wasting tax dollars on an expensive legal fight.

“Democratic leaders and the attorney general are raising questions about the bills we passed in an attempt to raise doubt about a cut-and-dried legal issue. They’re trying to pick a fight and create false doubts for political reasons,” Cole said. “By asking the Supreme Court to weigh in, we will be able to put these concerns to rest and eliminate any potential confusion on the issue once and for all.”

“Michigan families are counting on certainty in our state laws, especially when it comes to pay and benefits,” Shirkey said in a statement. “Tomorrow, the Senate will adopt a resolution to ask the Michigan Supreme Court to review and settle constitutional questions raised regarding recent amendments to laws providing for earned sick time and the minimum wage.

“The hardworking men and women of Michigan deserve better than elected officials inserting uncertainty into the law-making process in an effort to raise their own political profiles. Our state laws impact the daily lives of every Michigander. The Senate and House would rather take this constitutional question directly to the justices and see swift action than wait out a protracted legal dispute.”

Passage in either chamber will send the question to the Supreme Court.

“I’m very confident that the action that we took in the 99th Legislature is constitutional, is legal. That’s why I’m willing to jump directly to the Supreme Court,” Cole said.


Chamber Alliance Top 6 Wins In 2017-2018

Alliance_Top6 2018

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