Alliance Legislative Priorities

2017 Legislative Priorities

One Size Does Not Fit All

  • Rural development and housing incentives – Work on a regional level to create, support, and promote programs and incentives that are compatible with rural areas.
    • Downtown Development Authorities and Tax Increment Financing
    • Brownfield Redevelopment Programs
    • Economic development and job growth incentives
    • Affordable and “Missing Middle” housing incentives
    • Talent and Training programs
    • Access to Capital programs
    • Rural Set Asides
  • Infrastructure & Education Investment – support serious investment in infrastructure and education that helps northern Michigan compete in a global economy.
    • Support outcomes of the 21st century infrastructure commission that benefit northern Michigan or target rural communities
    • Defend northern Michigan communities from changes to Public Act 51
    • Narrow the gap for K-12 per pupil funding
    • Support increased higher education investment and capital outlay
  • Improve Northern Michigan Business Climate – Support and advance policies that
    • Track and report changes to health care laws
    • Defend funding for rural hospitals
    • Support legislative clarification of the “dark stores” property tax assessment theory
    • Advocate for energy policy that is conducive to reliable and affordable energy in northern Michigan
    • Support policies that improve and invest in tourism and agri-tourism industries
      • Maintain Pure Michigan campaign funding levels
      • Defend Post Labor Day School Start
      • Expand and improve administration of the H2B guest visa program
      • Competitive taxes for growth, production and sales of craft beer, wine, distilling industries

VIEW OUR ONE-PAGE PRIORITIES DOCUMENT: Alliance_2017_Legislative_Priority_Handout_FINAL

2017 Budget Priorities

  • Maintain Pure Michigan campaign funding levels – $36 million
  • Narrow the gap in K-12 per pupil funding
  • Increased investment in impactful programs that provide skill training and talent attraction
    • Increase of $20 million for the Skilled Trades Training Fund (STTF)
    • Increase of $10 million for P.A.T.H. worker training program
  • Alpena Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant – $205,000 for Starlight Beach Splash Pad & Beach Improvements
  • Northern Michigan Community College Capital Outlay Projects
    • Northwestern Michigan College 21st Century Innovation Center capital outlay project
    • Alpena Community College Center for Health Sciences and Student Success Capital Outlay project
    • North Central Michigan College Capital Outlay project



The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance is committed to:

  • Making it easier for businesses in northern Michigan to be competitive.
  • Helping strong business sectors remain strong and continue job creation in our region.
  • Ensuring our workforce is educated and prepared for the future needs of northern Michigan businesses.
  • Promoting investment in our public transportation and business infrastructure, including energy development, road systems, harbors, airports and broadband connectivity.

Your voice makes a  difference.

The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance Executives, Staff, Board members and Government Relations committees are called to action to support these priorities by educating members to advocate the priorities with legislators.

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