Alliance Legislative Priorities

Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance Legislative Priorities.


The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance is committed to:

  • Making it easier for businesses in northern Michigan to be competitive.
  • Helping strong business sectors remain strong and continue job creation in our region.
  • Ensuring our workforce is educated and prepared for the future needs of northern Michigan businesses.
  • Promoting investment in our public transportation and business infrastructure, including energy development, road systems, harbors, airports and broadband connectivity.


  • Comprehensive Statewide Energy Policy that ensures energy reliability and affordability in northern Michigan.
  • Continue to close the gap in K-12 per pupil funding.
  • Updating programs, policies, and investment in talent and workforce development, training, retention, and attraction.
  • Support comprehensive transportation infrastructure funding – roads, airports, rail, and shipping.
  • Support regulatory reforms where needed.
  • Retain funding for Pure Michigan.
  • Retain funding for Great Start Readiness Program and early childhood.
  • Support the expansion of business infrastructure in northern Michigan.

Your Voice is Needed:  A Call To Action

  • The Chamber Alliance strongly recommends that northern Michigan business owners contact their state and federal legislators to begin developing a relationship with them. Our legislators need to hear about how these priorities impact their business on a daily basis.

Your Voice Can Make a Difference.  State Senate and State House  legislators have said they need to hear specific examples from  community members and business leaders, owners on what priorities they should follow.  Members need to respond to calls to action by Alliance Partners.   A consistent voice from members allows for our legislative representation to understand our regional needs. When bills in Lansing were introduced to move the school start back before Labor Day the Regional Alliance called on members to let legislators from our region and leaders in the house and senate know why this would hurt our region.  Your voice caused a change in the bills that protected school  start after Labor Day weekend and the tourism it brings to our region.

Your voice made a  difference.

The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance Executives, Staff, Board members and Government Relations committees are called to action to support these priorities by educating members to advocate the priorities with legislators.

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