Social Districts & Liquor to Go

The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance submitted feedback to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission on how to support rural northern Michigan restaurants and bars during the COVID-19 crisis and through recovery. The Alliance’s recommendations included allowing for restaurants and bars to sell liquor to go and for expanded outdoor seating so patrons can socially distance  

Last week the State House Regulatory Reform Committee took testimony and voted on two bills supported by the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance and numerous chambers from across Michigan. House Bills 5781 & 5811 were passed out of committee and are now in a second House committee, Ways and Means. House Bill 5781 sponsored by State Rep. Webber allows local governments to designate a social district containing a commons area where restaurants and bars could obtain a permit so patrons could consume alcohol in these commons areas, with certain conditions. House Bill 5811 sponsored by Rep. Anthony would allow a retailer licensed for on-premises alcohol consumption to fill and sell qualified containers with liquor for consumption off the premises, with certain conditions.

The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance is supportive of these bills to help our restaurants and bars get back to businesses and safely serve patrons. We will keep you up-to-date on any movement.

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