Preparing for Our Long-Term Economic Recovery

The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance (NMCA) shifted our focus this week from the immediate crisis to planning and preparing for the second phase of our response to the health and economic crises. We’re focused on the following solutions to help drive the economic recovery of northern Michigan:

  • Advocating on behalf of businesses in the continued state and federal legislative response to the health and economic crises
  • Creating solutions to safely open and operate customer-facing businesses to get owners and employees back to work
  • Charting the course for the future of the northern Michigan economy by addressing the current unemployment spike while finding new opportunities and solutions for industries adversely affected by continued management of an ongoing health crisis

We will work and advocate for:

  • Additional funding sources and mechanisms to provide businesses with the necessary liquidity to restart or continue operations
  • Clear guidelines for safe operating practices to keep workers and customers safe, including expanded COVID-19 testing, use and availability of PPE, employing modified social distancing practices, and comprehensive cleaning procedures
  • Comprehensive COVID-19 testing to identify and prevent future outbreaks to help bring Michigan together, drive our economy forward, and end the current economic crisis
  • Broadening of talent attraction and development programs to help diversify and build our economy in new areas, such as technology, traded industries, and remote work

The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance remains focused on enacting and defending rural-centric business policy. Alliance Position Statement – COVID19 Recovery 041520.

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