Alliance Pushes Rural Policy In Lansing Lobby Day

2019 Lobby Day Capitol group
The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance at its 2019 Lobby Day in Lansing.

More policy with a rural focus.

That was the key message to legislators from partners of the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance who made the trip to Lansing for the Alliance’s annual Lobby Day in Lansing.

The Alliance peppered legislative offices with their Four Pillars of Rural Prosperity legislative agenda.

2019 Lobby Day McBroom
Partners of the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance meet with State Senator Ed McBroom (R-Vulcan) at his office in Lansing.

In recent weeks, the Alliance has also been successful in starting the process to get legislation drafted for its following priorities:

  • Creating a tiered structure for some business and development incentives that allow small businesses and communities to compete with similar-sized businesses/communities.
  • Rural Research & Development tax credit.
  • Rural relocation tax credit.
  • Rural internship/apprenticeship tax credit.
  • Payment-in-lieu-of-taxes program for rural local governments and developers seeking to create workforce housing in rural areas.
  • An incentive for rural employers who offset employee housing costs.

Major Talking Points

You can help us by sharing these key points with legislators and community leaders:

  • We are seeking to create more tools to help rural communities and businesses thrive.
  • Rural counties across the state are still in decline.
  • One of the major causes of economic decline is the fact that rural counties are still losing population in key workforce age demographics.
  • We want Michigan to be a national leader in targeting rural economic growth and stability.
  • Many of the programs and incentives the state uses to target and grow major business are not well suited for rural communities and businesses.
  • We are hoping to use the natural rural majority in the legislature to target legislation and policy that grows sustainable and high paying wages in rural Michigan.

The Chamber Alliance is looking forward to sharing further updates in the future as legislation is drafted and introduced and committee hearings are set.


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