Alliance Moves Lame Duck Priorities

The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance is having an impact on more than a few priorities

during the month of December’s legislative session, often referred to as “Lame Duck” session.

Our Legislative Priorities

Earned Sick Time Amendments (Amend & Support) (SB 1175)

Update: 12/17/18 – SIGNED BY GOV. SNYDER. The House (H-4) version passed on 12/4, was concurred by the Senate, and signed by the Governor. The changes include most of the amendments recommended by the Chamber Alliance. More to come on this as proponents of the initiated law have vowed to put the issue on the ballot again in 2020. If so, they are confident Governor-elect Whitmer would not sign amendments that go as far as those in SB 1175.

Minimum Wage Amendments (Amend & Support) (SB 1171)

Update: 12/17/18 – SIGNED BY GOV. SNYDER. Minimum wage amendments passed alongside the amendments to the Earned Sick Time Act, SB 1175. Michigan will still see the minimum wage rise to $12 over time, but the tip credit beloved by restaurant service workers was restored.

Salt Bill (Oppose) (SB 363)

Update: 12/21/18 – This bill, which could threaten dock and trucking jobs in northern Michigan, officially died. It is likely we will see it again next session.

Large Special events fund (Amend) (SB 1065)

Update: 12/21/18 – While SB 1065 did not advance, $1.5 million dollars was included in the budget supplemental passed early morning on 12/21 for Large Special Events. It is likely this funding gets used up for large Detroit events only.

Small Cell/5G wireless bill (Support) (SB 637)

Update: 12/14/18 -SIGNED BY GOV. SNYDER.

Other Legislation We Are Monitoring:

Brownfield Funding – Tipping Fees (SB 943)

Update: 12/21/18 -While this bill and a tipping fee increase was scrapped, the legislature passed other legislation to shift new sales tax coming in from online sales to environmental clean up projects.

CVB Bills (SBs 703-707)

Update: 12/20/18 – The package was passed overwhelmingly by the House and now goes to Snyder’s desk.

Line 5 Tunnel (SB 1197)

Update: 12/12/18 – (Gov. Snyder signed SB 1197 on 12/12). The House made quick work of this legislation in an afternoon. They took it up and passed it out of committee, passed it on the floor, sent it to the Senate who concurred with changes, and then sent it on to Governor Snyder who likely to sign it immediately. SB 1197 authorizes a utility tunnel underneath the Straits of Mackinac that would house Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline, among other potential future utility uses. The tunnel deal with Enbridge and this legislation has been Governor Snyder’s number 1 priority in Lame Duck.

Stay tuned for more information and updates on these priorities.

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