Post Labor Day Start Repeal Alive In House

Another effort to repeal the successful law that requires Michigan schools to start after the Labor Day is alive and starting to move in the Michigan House of Representatives.

House Bill 5157, sponsored by Representative Pamela Hornberger, would allow schools the ability to open before the Labor Day holiday, as long as they did not have school on any Friday or Monday in August.

The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance has continued to oppose efforts to repeal or significantly alter the law. The tourism and hospitality industries in northern Michigan rely in large part on the months of June, July and August to be in the black for the year.

The law has meant millions of dollars to northern Michigan’s tourism and hospitality economy, especially for the final two weekends in August.

The bill is in the House Education Reform committee and could be up for a vote very soon.

Calls to members of the committee are needed to ask them not to change a law that has been so successful for industries throughout northern Michigan. Please call or email today.

The list of committee members with links to their email are below:

Tim Kelly (R) Committee Chair, 94th District

Pamela Hornberger (R) Majority Vice-Chair, 32nd District

Kathy Crawford (R) 38th District

Daniela Garcia (R) 90th District

Brett Roberts (R) 65th District

Julie Alexander (R) 64th District

Beth Griffin (R) 66th District

Jim Lilly (R) 89th District

Jeff Noble (R) 20th District

John Reilly (R) 46th District

Adam Zemke (D) Minority Vice-Chair, 55th District

Winnie Brinks (D) 76th District

Stephanie Chang (D) 6th District

Darrin Camilleri (D) 23rd District

William Sowerby (D) 31st District


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