MI Thrive Legislation Passes House

The Michigan House of Representatives approved a legislative priority of the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance by passing the MI Thrive package, also referred to as the transformational brownfield program.

The bills – Senate Bills 111-115 – passed with bi-partisan support 85-22 after three weeks of committee work in the House Tax Policy committee.

They will move on to the Senate for concurrence before going to Governor Snyder’s desk, where it is expected he will sign.

Here’s how Northern Michigan’s Representatives voted on the MI Thrive Package (SBs 111-115):


Lee Chatfield (107th)

Scott Dianda (110th)

Larry Inman (104th)

Beau LaFave (108th)

Daire Rendon (103rd)

Curt VanderWall (101st)

Scott VanSingel (100th)


Sue Allor (106th)

Michele Hoitenga (102nd)

Triston Cole (105th)

Excused Absence

John Kivela (109th)

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