Month: October 2016

Alliance Backs New Tools For Redevelopment

The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance threw its support recently behind a package of Michigan Senate bills designed to spur redevelopment of some of the most difficult properties and buildings in the state. Senate Bills 1061-1065 would allow certain redevelopment projects – those deemed “transformational”… Continue Reading “Alliance Backs New Tools For Redevelopment”

MIRS Poll: 3 N. Mich. Open House Seats, 3 Very Different Results

[From MIRS, Friday, September 30, 2016] The theme-less nature of this year’s state House races carried into the polling results Target Insyght reported in three Up North contests for MIRS and Governmental Consulting Services, Inc. (GCSI). In short — One Republican is up significantly.… Continue Reading “MIRS Poll: 3 N. Mich. Open House Seats, 3 Very Different Results”

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