Alliance Working Toward Rural Friendly Solutions On DDA Bills

House: Rep. Lee Chatfield’s package passed committee narrowly 6-5 after some positive amendments. Alliance Director of Government Relations Kent Wood had the opportunity to meet with Rep. Chatfield and share a few concerns about the additional reporting requirements impact on small DDAs, and future special millage captures. The Alliance was neutral in committee.

These bills have come a long way since his initial drafts and the Alliance is thankful for that. We will continue to work with him through the fall on amendment language and clarifications.

Senate: The Sen. Ken Horn bill strictly deals with reporting requirements and has been far less controversial to this point. It passed from committee unanimously. Kent Wood and members of the Lake Superior Community Partnership’s Marquette Ambassadors met with Sen. Horn the day after the hearing. The group shared general concerns about new reporting impact on rural DDAs, and will work with Sen. Horn and northern Michigan State Senators Schmidt and Stamas to see about amendments with similar language to the House bills.

Outlook:  Both packages will likely be passed in their respective Chambers during lame duck, but will likely be headed for a House/Senate conference committee to hammer out final passage. At this point, Wood prefers the Horn version, but will continue to engage with both law makers as we push for a few rural friendly changes.

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