Newest Michigan Presidential Poll Tightening

(From MIRS, September 15, 2016)

The presidential race in Michigan is now within the margin of error.  The 8-to 10-percentage-point lead Democrat Hillary CLINTON enjoyed in Michigan in recently weeks has dwindled to 3 points, which is within the 4-point margin of error of the EPIC-MRA survey released today.
It’s Clinton 38 percent, Republican Donald TRUMP 35 percent, Libertarian candidate Gary JOHNSONat 10 percent and Green Party standard-bearer Jill STEIN at 4 percent.

The survey for the Detroit Free Press and WXYZ-TV in Detroit and WLNS-TV in Lansing asked voters what attracted them to Clinton. The plurality, 16 percent, said it was Clinton’s experience. Five percent said she was the most qualified, and another 5 percent said they felt like she was pro-middle class.

On Trump, 13 percent like that he is not a career politician, 8 percent are voting for a change and 6 percent it’s because they agree with him on the issues.

Mitchell Research & Communications released a survey for FOX2 that showed Clinton’s lead at 6 in a four-candidate field. It’s Clinton 45, Trump 39, Johnson 7 and Stein 1 in that poll released Monday.

One of the most dramatic changes in this survey from EPIC-MRA’s poll from July 30 an Aug. 3 (See “Clinton 43, Trump 32, Johnson 8, Stein 3,” 8/5/16) is that voters are supporting Clinton or Trump because they like the candidate, as opposed to voting for Clinton or Trump as a protest vote for the other.

Now, 59 percent of Clinton voters are voting for her because she is who she is and 34 percent because they don’t like Trump. For Trump, 60 percent say they like him while 31 percent said they are voting him because they don’t like Clinton.

On the issues, the economy is No. 1 with the voters. Trump beats Clinton on that front, 46-to-38 percent. She beats him on foreign policy 53 to 35 percent. Regarding honesty, Trump has a 37-to 30-percent edge.

Who shares my values? It’s Clinton 40 percent, Trump 37 percent. On the subject, “cares about people like me,” she gets 42 percent of that vote to his 35 percent.

Clinton leads among women 45 to 35 percent, with women 18-49 supporting her 48 to 30 percent. Females 50 and older split 41 to 40 percent for Clinton.

Men prefer Trump 41 to 39 percent. He leads with men between 18 to 49, but is tied with Clinton with men older than 50.

The Mitchell Research/FOX2 survey had Trump with 12 percent of the African-American vote, but EPIC-MRA still has Trump at 2 percent. Clinton is at 79 percent. Trump leads with white voters 43 to 36 percent.


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