DDA/TIF Bills Under Alliance Scrutiny

The Chamber Alliance is scrutinizing separate bills in both the Michigan House and Senate this week that would make changes to the state’s laws that govern downtown development authorities and tax increment financing (TIF) districts.

House Bills 5851-5856  were introduced in the House, and Senate Bill 1026 was introduced in the Senate.

This past spring, the Chamber Alliance responded with concern to the House package that it would significantly harm small and rural DDAs and TIF districts in northern Michigan. Many of the concerns stemmed from proposed changes in the law in response to situations involving larger districts in wealthier and more populated areas down state.

Many of the initial Alliance concerns were fixed in the House package introduced last week. However, a few needed changes remain to ensure northern Michigan communities are not significantly impacted.

Both proposed packages are slated to be taken up in House and Senate committees next week. Alliance representatives and members will be in Lansing this week to work on desired changes.

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