Month: September 2016

Alliance Working Toward Rural Friendly Solutions On DDA Bills

House: Rep. Lee Chatfield’s package passed committee narrowly 6-5 after some positive amendments. Alliance Director of Government Relations Kent Wood had the opportunity to meet with Rep. Chatfield and share a few concerns about the additional reporting requirements impact on small DDAs, and future special…

US House Passes WRDA Bill, Important To Great Lakes

The U.S. House of Representatives yesterday passed its massive Water Resources Development Act (WRDA), its marine infrastructure bill with many provisions impacting the Great Lakes.  The legislation was approved overwhelmingly, 399-25. “WRDA is legislation that touches the Great Lakes in so many ways,” said…

Alliance Speaker Series Program to Focus on the Soo Locks

The need for a new Soo Lock and the future of the region’s maritime industry will be the subject of the next installment of the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance Speaker Series, coming up October 21 at the Great Lakes Maritime Academy at Northwestern Michigan…

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