Supreme Court Blocks EPA’s Emissions Regulations for Power Plants

The Supreme Court rejected EPA’s first-ever limits on mercury and other airborne toxic emissions from power plants on Monday, finding that the agency should have considered compliance costs when deciding whether to regulate the utility sector.  This is a win for industry and coal-heavy states; however, this decision does not change the rule’s impact. 

Since its going into effect in April, nearly two-thirds of the affected plants either have installed the necessary pollution controls to comply or have been marked for closure by their owners.  However, there’s a chance it may give the EPA some pause in its carbon emissions rule-making, due to be unveiled in August. 

Michigan-based Consumer’s Energy has said it will move forward with its 9 plant closures in 2016, also citing State of Michigan regulations that make it unfeasible to keep the plants open.

Thanks to the Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition for providing some of the content for this post.

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