Month: July 2015

From MIRS: Labor Unions Push Ballot Proposal to Hike Corporate Income Tax

From MIRS News Service, July 23, 2015: A new ballot committee called Citizens for Fair Taxes is leading the charge to nearly double the corporate income tax (CIT) from 6 percent to 11 percent. The group aims to put the issue on the November…

Michigan House & Senate Road Funding Plans Breakdown

House Road Funding Plan The House plan, passed in early June, seeks to find a little over $1 billion for roads over the next four years by: Dedicates $700 million in General Fund dollars by 2019 Capturing future GF growth to roads Must be…

Alliance Releases 5 Road Funding Principles

With a flurry of activity, promises, and rumors floating around the road funding debate in Lansing, the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance released 5 principles it would like to see incorporated into the state’s road funding debate. The principles reflect the northern Michigan business community’s…

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