Where The Polls Stand As Election Day Nears

Some of the recent polling that has been released to the public over the last week and a half of October.

Governor – Snyder vs. Schauer

Mitchell – Snyder up 2pts, 48% vs. 46%.

EPIC-MRA (Oct. 21) – Snyder up 8 points, 47% vs. 39%.

Detroit News – Snyder up 6 pts, 45% vs. 39%

EPIC-MRA (Oct. 28) – Snyder up 2 pts, 45% vs. 43%

U.S. Senate – Peters vs. Land

Mitchell – Peters up 13pts

Detroit Free Press – Peters up 11pts, 45% v. 34%

U.S. Congress – Benishek vs. Cannon

Multiple pundits predict Benishek wins re-election between  4-8pts.

Hottest Northern Michigan Statewide Races

Two races for the Michigan House of Representatives in northern Michigan are heating up.

In the 101st  district, which includes Leelanau, Benzie, Mason and Manistee counties, money from both House Democrat and Republican caucuses is being dumped into this swing district currently held by Rep. Ray Franz (R-Onekama). Franz faces former superintendent Tom Stobie. This race has been tight for the last four election cycles, and that tradition is likely to continue in 2014.

The 104th district race, which includes all of Grand Traverse County, features republican county commissioner Larry Inman facing off against democrat Betsy Coffia. The 104th has been a republican seat for decades, but a recent surge in spending from both parties (a very non-typical occurrence for this district) in TV ads and mail pieces shows that Coffia could be making a race out of it.

Where do they stand on business?

For more on where these candidates stand on business and economic development issues, visit the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance’s Virtual Candidate Forum.

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