Month: November 2014

Did You Know?: Dept. of Labor Posters and Requirements

Some of the statutes and regulations enforced by agencies under the U.S. Department of Labor require that posters or notices be displayed in the workplace. While each business and industry has its own requirements, there are some general posters required of each business, regardless…

From MIRS: Long-Awaited Transportation Package Squeaks Through Senate

From MIRS, 11/13/2014, After months of indecision, the state Senate today pushed through a bill that would raise the gas tax to a new wholesale level of 15.5 percent by 2018 in the hopes of siphoning more than $1 billion in extra funding…

2015 House and Senate Leadership Teams Take Shape

The Michigan legislature was back in session today, just two days after the general election. Both Republican and Democrat caucuses in the House and Senate held caucus meetings with their new elected members to vote on leadership positions for the next legislature. Michigan House…

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