2014 Primary Election Recap and General Election Preview

Proposal 1

Proposal 1 won by a large margin statewide, with 69% voting in favor of continuing the personal property tax exemptions for small businesses and manufacturers. The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance worked hard to get out the word on Proposal 1. The Alliance saw the statewide proposal as a solid business tax policy change that would help make small businesses and manufacturers in northern Michigan more competitive in their respective areas of business.

How It Happened

To get the information on Proposal 1 out to its members and the public, the Alliance used just about every communications medium it could to connect with voters on the merits of updating and reforming Michigan’s personal property tax structure. The Alliance hit the airwaves, being featured on numerous television and radio news segments throughout northern Michigan, they hosted a number of member forums and press conferences on the issue, they had a consistent and positive social media message, and its leaders were featured in multiple newspaper and magazine articles and Op-Eds featuring Proposal 1. The Alliance efforts were supported and supplemented by the Citizens for Strong and Safe Communities campaign who provided television commercials, direct mailing, and a professional social media and statewide media presence. Alliance members and businesses also played a big role by submitting letters to the editor and speaking with their employees.

The efforts led to impressive results both in northern Michigan, and across the state.

Proposal 1 Results (Chamber Alliance counties):

Statewide – (Y) 69%, (N) 31%

Grand Traverse – (Y) 72%, (N) 27%

Benzie – (Y) 68%, (N) 32%

Wexford – (Y) 70%, (N) 30%

Antrim – (Y) 73%, (N) 27%

Charlevoix – (Y) 78%, (N) 22%

Otsego – (Y) 72%, (N) 28%

Alpena – (Y) 70%, (N) 30%

Emmet – (Y) 78%, (N) 22%

Marquette- (Y) 68%, (N) 32%

Michigan State Senate

37th District

Wayne Schmidt – R

Phil Bellfy – D

36th District

Jim Stamas – R

Joe Lukasiewicz– D

35th District

Darwin Booher – R

Glenn Lottie – D

38th District

Tom Casperson – R

Christopher Germain – D

Michigan House of Representatives

101st District

Ray Franz – R

Tom Stobie – D

102nd District

Phil Potvin – R

John Ruggles – D

103rd District

Bruce Rendon – R

James Cromwell – D

104th District 

Larry Inman – R

Betsy Coffia – D

105th District

Triston Cole – R

Jay Calo – D

106th District

Peter Pettalia – R

Robert Kennedy – D

107th District

Lee Chatfield – R

Jim Page – D

108th District

Ed McBroom – R

Grant Carlson – D

109th District

Pete Mackin – R

John Kivela –D

110th District

Scott Dianda – D

Bob Michaels – R

U.S. Congress

1st Congressional

Dr. Dan Benishek – R

Jerry Cannon – D

4th Congressional

John Moolenaar – R

Jeff Holmes – D

U.S. Senate

Terry Lynn Land – R

Gary Peters – D

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