Snyder: Indiana Will Be Upset If Proposal 1 Passes

Gov Snyder_Prop 1
Gov. Rick Snyder addressing Proposal 1 campaign meeting in Lanisng

“If you really think about it, Proposal 1 is simple,” Governor Rick Snyder urged. “More jobs, stronger government, no new taxes.” The Governor addressed a campaign meeting for Proposal 1 in Lansing on July 15th and urged campaign supporters and employers to reach out to their employees, families, and friends to support Proposal 1. He reminded the crowd that the only major opposition to the proposal is lack of knowledge. Staff from the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance was on hand to hear the Governor and get an update from Citizens for Strong and Safe Communities, the organization charged with running the Proposal 1 campaign.

The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance supports Proposal 1 and supports a YES vote on August 5. A YES vote on Proposal 1 is support for local communities, schools, police, roads, etc. A YES vote on Proposal 1 will end the burdensome personal property tax obligations for small businesses and manufacturers All without raising taxes!

Proposal 1  would be a huge boost to small businesses in Northern Michigan. It will allow small businesses and manufacturers in our area the opportunity to spend more time and money investing in their business, rather than tracking and administering the personal property tax. Michigan is currently the only state in the Great Lakes region still requiring full, never-ending payment of the personal property tax on equipment. Snyder even quipped that Indiana’s Governor Mike Pence told him he is not very happy with Gov. Snyder, and is concerned about Proposal 1 passing in Michigan. Michigan’s PPT is one of the uncompetitive business taxes that Indiana uses against us to lure business out of Michigan.

Some of the metrics for this statewide campaign are impressive. Twenty six local governing bodies have passed resolutions supporting Proposal 1. Facebook “Likes” were at over 1,400, over 34,000 unique Twitter impressions, and almost 40,000 website page views. There is still a long way to go, but there are a number of simple ways YOU can get involved too. Tell your friends, family, and coworkers. Get out on social media showing your support. Contact your local newspaper and write a letter to the editor. And, most importantly, don’t forget to vote YES on Proposal 1 August 5th!

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