Month: July 2014

Snyder: Indiana Will Be Upset If Proposal 1 Passes

“If you really think about it, Proposal 1 is simple,” Governor Rick Snyder urged. “More jobs, stronger government, no new taxes.” The Governor addressed a campaign meeting for Proposal 1 in Lansing on July 15th and urged campaign supporters and employers to reach out…

Local Support Grows Up North for Proposal 1

            With less than a week before the Aug. 5 primary election, a growing coalition is coming together to support voter approval of Proposal 1 which will eliminate the Personal Property Tax (PPT) levy on small businesses in Michigan….

Great Win for the Great Lakes, Chamber Alliance

The Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition reached out to its members to support an appropriations amendment, and coalition officials said their effort paid off in a big way. The amendment, co-sponsored by Michigan Second District Congressman Bill Huizenga, takes $57.6 million from the Department…

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