3 Simple Ways You Can Support PPT Reform

The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance strongly supports a “YES” vote on Proposal 1 on August 5th, the proposal to stabilize local community services and help small businesses create jobs – without raising taxes.Passing Proposal 1 is an opportunity to eliminate the Personal Property Tax (PPT) for small businesses in Michigan, and eventually all Michigan companies. Revenues will be replaced with the more equitable and stable state Use Tax, with the majority of replacement revenue coming from expiring business tax credits.

The Chamber and Alliance support the Michigan Citizens for Strong and Safe Communities’ efforts to get the word out about Proposal 1 – and we need your help.

There are 3 simple steps you can take to help spread the word about this critical vote to spur new investment in Michigan and bolster its competitiveness with surrounding Midwest states:

  1. Join the group! Click here and join the Michigan Citizens for Strong and Safe Communities supporter list for important updates on this issue. Your email address will not be sold or shared with any other organization.
  2. Send to your network! You can also access an Employee Campaign Toolkit that offers frequently asked questions and talking points about Proposal 1, the official ballot language and a sample email blast for employees. In addition, send a letter to the editor to your local paper or weekly.
  3. Remember to vote! Vote on Aug. 5th, or vote absentee.

Passing Proposal 1 on August 5th is critically important to the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance’s work of creating a growth driven business environment in northern Michigan, but we can’t do it without your help and support. Thanks in advance for showing your support for Proposal 1.

For more information visit: www.strongandsafecommunities.com/



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