Month: June 2012

Facts on the New International Trade Crossing

          What will the cost be to Michigan Taxpayers? The NITC will cost Michigan taxpayers NOTHING. Canada will provide up to $550 million to cover costs that would normally be incurred by the State of Michigan for the U.S. portion… Continue Reading “Facts on the New International Trade Crossing”

New International Trade Crossing

Announcement on a New Bridge Expected on Friday: Friday June 15, 2012, Gov. Rick Snyder and Lt. Governor Brian Calley will join Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper for an announcement of significant economic importance to Michigan and Canada. The live events in Windsor… Continue Reading “New International Trade Crossing”

School Funding Agreement Reached

            An Agreement was reached on school funding that will be finalized this week and sent to the Governor.  Senator Howard Walker, Chair of the Senate Education Appropriations Subcommittee, held his ground and helped create movement in closing the… Continue Reading “School Funding Agreement Reached”

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