The State Senate passed a budget that follows the 2X Formula, potentially narrowing the funding gap to $1057.  Yes, this is still a significant difference, but it shows movement in the right direction.  Now pressure must be applied to the House of Representatives as conference committees will be formed Monday to finalize the budget.  Call or email your local representative, the Speaker of the House, and the Governor by May 14th.

Here is an example of what to tell them:
“As you finalize this budget, ANY AND ALL funding for schools needs to follow the 2X Formula.  I need you to fight for equitable funding in education for our children.”

If you call and get a staff person, tell them who you are and why you are calling.  They keep track of calls, and they will not delete your email. The representative/governor will hear!

Contact Your State Legislators HERE:

Contact the Speaker of the House and Governor’s office:

Speaker of the House: Jase Bolger

(517) 373-1787

Governor Rick Snyder

(517) 335-7858     Facebook – RickForMichigan

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