Re-investing in Education needs to be a Top Priority

After years of cuts, Michigan has an opportunity to re-invest in K-12 education.  The Northern Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance believes this needs to be done using best practices and providing an equitable funding formula for all children in Michigan.  We sent this letter to the Governor this morning asking for equitable funding for our students.

February 9, 2012

Governor Rick Snyder

State Capitol

PO Box 30013

Lansing, MI  48909

Dear Governor Snyder,

As you consider what to include in your 2012-13 Michigan budget, the Northern Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance would like to express our support for your plan to re-invest in the education of Michigan students.  We would encourage you to make consistent and equitable funding using best practices for our schools a top priority.

We would ask that any additional funding for schools follow the 2X Formula funding model.  With your support all lower base funded schools could receive equitable funding increases through this formula. We need to bring equitable funding in education for our kids.  This method, while not perfect, works towards closing the base funding gap for the students that attend our K-12 schools.

The Northern Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance is a partnership of eight chambers of commerce across northern Michigan, created to advocate legislatively on behalf of our combined 6,500-member job providers in the region.  Our interests are consistent across the region, from tax policy and creating a business friendly regulatory environment, to tourism promotion and education excellence.

Thank you for your consideration and work on behalf of the citizens of Michigan.  If you or your staff would like to discuss this issue, I can be contacted at or 231-995-7109.


Doug DeYoung

Vice President of

Government Relations and Business Advocacy

Northern Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance

Cc:   Sen. Darwin Booher, Sen. Tom Casperson, Sen. John Moolenaar, Sen. Howard Walker, Rep. Frank Foster, Rep. Ray Franz, Rep Matt Huuki, Rep. Greg Macmaster, Rep. Steven Lindberg, Rep. Phil Potvin, Rep. Peter Pettelia, Rep. Bruce Rendon, Rep. Wayne Schmidt

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