Bullet Points from Governor Snyder’s State of the State







The Governor said in his second State of the State that Michigan’s economy is moving in the right direction and 2012 must be devoted to continuing the state’s reinvention by taking care of unfinished business, addressing other critical challenges and emphasizing good government.

He said “We made large strides to make Michigan great again,” and  “Michiganders came together and worked with relentless positive action to deliver the meaningful change that is getting our state back on its feet. Thanks to the leadership of our legislative partners, we’ve taken bold but thoughtful action to do what’s right for Michigan. We’re getting it right and getting it done. But this is no time to let up. Job One is still jobs. Ensuring bright, prosperous futures for working families and their children demands a steadfast commitment to Michigan’s reinvention.”

The Governor will present his 2012 budget on February 9th to a State Senate and House Joint Appropriations Committee.

The Governor laid out his plans for 2012.

  • Government accountability: The governor will work with lawmakers to promote greater accountability and transparency in government by enacting overdue reforms to Michigan’s campaign finance, lobby and ethics laws.
  • Crime: The cities of Saginaw, Flint, Detroit and Pontiac are among the nation’s top 10 in violent crime, which Snyder called unacceptable.
  •  Health care: The governor announced Pure Michigan Fit, a collaborative pilot program with Gerber Products, the Michigan Grocers Association and the Michigan Health and Hospital Association.
  • Autism: There now are medically proven treatments available for autism.  Snyder said Michigan should join the 27 other states that require insurers to cover evidence-based therapies for autism.
  • Energy and environment: This fall Snyder will deliver a special message to the Legislature on energy and the environment. Michigan must be more strategic by focusing on the intersection of job creation, affordability, science and sustainability.
  • Taxes: The governor will work with local governments and industry leaders to reform the personal property tax on industrial assets, while preserving funding for communities.
  • Infrastructure: Snyder is urging lawmakers to conduct hearings on bills that will create a system of roads and bridges for the 21st century.
  • New International Trade Crossing: Snyder urged action on the proposed NITC because it is vital to Michigan’s economic future. The NITC will be built without Michigan taxpayer dollars.
  • Global talent: Snyder welcomed the support of Michigan universities and Unions to encourage immigration changes at the federal level so that immigrants with advanced degrees or who are entrepreneurs can create jobs for Michigan families.
  • Communities: Snyder is recommending additional funding for the successful Economic Vitality Incentive Program, which builds stronger communities and promotes regional cooperation.

Read all of the Highlights of the Speech Here.

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