Transportation Improvements Needed for Michigan


Governor Snyder released his plans for improvements to Michigan’s Transportation and Infrastructure today.  His focus “Modern roads, clean water and broadband access are among the building blocks of Michigan’s prosperity”

Snyder said that Michigan loses nearly $3 million each day in the value of our transportation assets. That adds up to about $1 billion lost every year.

He went on to say that “Michigan’s infrastructure is living on borrowed time,” Snyder said. “We must reinvest in it if we are to successfully reinvent our economy. I haven’t met a Michigan driver yet who is satisfied with the condition of our roads and yet we’re facing a $1.4 billion shortfall just to maintain our current system. If we want to grow our economy and keep our children here, then we need to fix the very foundation of our state. Michigan put the world on wheels. We can continue being a transportation leader through bold, innovative approaches to upgrading our infrastructure. It’s time to seriously engage in this discussion that is so vital to our state’s future.”

The governor’s message focuses on four primary needs:

  • A modern transportation system that moves people and goods efficiently, reliably and safely.
  • A multimodal system serving the movements of a new generation of Michiganders that is more active, urban-based and tech savvy.
  • Water and sewer systems that support and protect Michigan’s rich environment.
  • Integrating the broadband telecommunications network, connecting every business and household to the Internet.

READ THE PLAN HERE:,4668,7-277-59151-264676–,00.html

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