What you Need to Know: Regulatory Reinvention

On Wednesday the executives of the Northern Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance visited the Office of Regulatory Reinvention in Lansing.
Here is what we learned:

  • The office has several committees currently reviewing over 19,000 regulations.
  • The office is reviewing over 35,000 pages of “non-rule regulatory actions”.
    These serve as guidelines and are not always organized, transparent and may not have legal standing.

Under the Governors Executive Order every rule will be evaluated under these 7 guidelines.

1. Health or safety benefits
2. Whether rules mandated by constitution/statutory provision
3. Cost of compliance (complexity, reporting and other factors)
4. Whether conflict with/duplicate similar state or federal rules
5. Extent to which exceed national or regional compliance standards
6. Date of last evaluation and impact of technology, economic or other
7. Other changes or developments that demonstrate no continued
need for the rule

WHAT CAN YOU DO:  Provide Feedback to the Office of Regulatory Reinvention on Rules that slow or prevent you from doing your job or expanding your business.

Report your concerns or ideas HERE.

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