Fall: A New Legislative Season

The first half of the year saw a series of legislation that funded the Pure Michigan Campaign, removed the Michigan Business Tax and for the first time in 30 years put a budget in place before June.  The Northern Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance is now preparing for the fall legislative sessions.  We will continue to support legislation that is focused on removing the barriers to business growth and development across our region.


We expect to see legislation that will streamline the regulatory process allowing a faster approval process that still holds violators accountable.  A part of the focus will be on the permitting process and how it is implemented.  Legislators are also looking at personal property tax reform as a way to create investment and jobs.



The Governor has laid out the following discussion points for the fall.


  •      September: Health and Wellness.


  •      October: Infrastructure, including roads, broadband, rail, and energy.


  •   November: Talent, retention and retraining will be the main focus.



For the remainder of 2011 the Governor also wants to focus on what he says is Michigan’s mindset.  He says we need to stop thinking and saying we are at the bottom and start believing and saying Michigan is and can re-invent itself.  He will continue to focus on building a stronger business base to grow Michigan.


I encourage each and every member to take the time over the coming months to be a part of the discussion.  The importance of advocating for improvements in our state and business community continue to be very important.  If you have any legislative questions or comments please contact me at deyoung@tcchamber.org. or 231-995-7109.

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