Governor Opens Mackinac Policy Conference

The Governor Opened the Mackinac Policy Conference on Mackinac Island this afternoon.  During his speech he spent little time on the current accomplishments of working with the legislators on removing the Michigan Business Tax and getting a budget done by June 1st.   The Governor spent most of  his time focusing on what needs to be done next:

–  Finish up School Reform and Work on Regulatory Reform
June, July
– Build the Bridge, The New International Trade Crossing.
–  Health and Wellness, focus on costs to business and costs to the state and how can we better serve our residents, communities and businesses.
— Infrastructure;   Roads, Rail, Broadband, Electrical Grid  etc..
— Talent   Focus on creating a real talent program ( The Governors says no one does this well and we have an opportunity to lead) a real focus on the future labor demand and then using our Community Colleges,  Universities, Michigan Works and other organizations to create the labor supply.  He says all we do now is train for what is open not training and creating what will come or could come if we are prepared to lead.
He said his main focus on Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. will be:  “It is time to change Michigan’s Culture”.   His focus on culture;  We need to stop saying and worrying about what we had, but focus on where we can go.  Attitude alone can lead us forward versus apathy for what we were and wishing it would come back.
If you are interested in watching any of the Mackinac Policy Conference you can use this link.
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