Month: May 2011

Representative Foster’s letter on School Funding Budget

Thursday night the State House voted on cuts to the K-12 school budget.  The House and Senate version are different which will send both bills to a conference committee for review and eventual negotiations. Representative Frank Foster wrote a letter explaining his vote but… Continue Reading “Representative Foster’s letter on School Funding Budget”

Northern Michigan Business Magazine

This Issue of the Northern Michigan Business Magazine focuses on: Education, employment and growth. Economic Gardening Commercial Capital Census 2010 Rep. Frank Foster (changes for businesses) Click Here to Read the Latest Issue.

State House Approves Budget Bill

On Wednesday the State House passed a budget bill that spends $1.4 billion less than this years budget.  Cuts are spread across all areas of government. The House did not take up budgets for schools, community colleges and universities, they are expected to debate… Continue Reading “State House Approves Budget Bill”

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