Alliance: Chamber Presidents Travel to Lansing

Four of the Alliance Chamber Presidents made a recent trip to Lansing to meet with Legislators and staff from the Governor’s office.  The meetings focused on continued support for the removal of the Michigan Business Tax and the direction they are taking on the budget.  It was mentioned several times that Michigan needs to Re-Invent, Reform and then Re-invest to have a stronger future.  The overall state budget direction has the state living with-in its means.  The Alliance members continue to be concerned about the cuts to education.

We spoke to our representatives about equity in school funding.  It really comes down to the fact that all legislators across Michigan need to recognize that the cuts are not equitable for most rural and small community schools.  Those schools are already at the bottom of the funding level and have already had to make best practice decisions.  While we understand that cuts need to happen and that benefits need to come in-line with the private sector businesses, they need to find a more equitable way to make it happen.

In our meetings with the Director of the DEQ we heard about the process they are working on to create a better and more efficient and understandable permitting process.  The Alliance supports every effort being made to create this process for our business.  We must be stewards of our communities but also have a system that the business community can understand and leaves little room for interpretation.

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