Alliance Top Priority: MBT Tax Removal Accomplished

One of The Northern Michigan Regional Chamber Alliance’s Top Legislative Priorities, has been accomplished!  Removal of the Michigan Business Tax.  The new tax creates a simple and understandable new 6% Corporate Income Tax.  Both chambers of the legislature passed the Tax Bill yesterday and the bill now goes to the Governor for his signature.
We would like to thank all our northern Michigan Legislators for voting out the MBT tax.  The MBT was a complex, unfair tax that created a system that double taxed almost all northern Michigan businesses.


  • Make it easier for businesses in Northern Michigan to be profitable.

  • Northern Michigan businesses and manufacturers need an understandable, sustainable and simplified tax structure.

Our members are saying that the current Michigan Business Tax is confusing, cumbersome, and costly.  This burden on their businesses promotes out-of-state growth and slows investment in our communities.

  • A more efficient and timely permitting process is needed for the business, manufacturing and farming in northern Michigan.

Reasonable turnaround times for permitting will reduce costs and uncertainty for businesses and create growth in our region.  Business and environmental regulations need to fall in line with states that are achieving economic growth while continuing to protect natural resources.

  • Retain and strengthen manufacturing production.

Manufacturing continues to be a major source of good paying jobs for thousands of workers across northern Michigan. The region’s manufacturing sector can be supported through a reduced regulatory and tax environment coupled with competitive incentives to retain and attract new industries and entrepreneurs to the region.  Reducing the burden of personal property taxation and avoiding special fees specific to manufacturers should be supported

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